7 Quick Tips To Turbocharge Windows PC

Turbocharge your windows PC

We use our computer or laptop every day. If it is working nicely then fine but sluggish and slow PC can disappoint and badly affect your work. When the computer gets older, lot of trash, unused files, and settings get collected in its hard drive that’s why it get slower and slower. In such condition, you have to optimize your old PC to work like new one. By using some speed-boosting tools and taking few precautions you can turbocharge windows PC.

Here we are mentioning some tips to accelerate PC speed and PC memory speed for better performance. So keep reading continue to know how to turbocharge your PC.

Use Ccleaner to optimize your PC.

Piriform’s Ccleaner is award-winning PC optimization and cleaning utility for windows and Mac. It is widely used by millions of users and available as both free and pro version.  It is easy to use with one click optimization technique and customizable options suitable for both beginners and experts. Also, its user interface is ad-free.

Ccleaner removes unnecessary files, folders, browser data, broken settings, temporary files, cookies and corrupted registry entries. It will speed up your PC startup by disabling unneeded programs which run silently in the background.

So you can just give a try to Ccleaner because it can reach and clean those parts of PC which are not possible for other apps. But remember that Ccleaner is not a magical PC speed booster, simply it cleans disk to improve PC speed.

IObit Advanced SystemCare 10

IOBIT advanced is a Registry cleaner and PC optimizer tool compactable with all versions of Microsoft windows.

Like Ccleaner, it also sweeps junk files, removes private information and accelerates internet speed to enjoy faster and cleaner PC. It also features deep registry cleaning and can quickly scan unnecessary startup items to disables them.

IOBIT provides resource manager to keep track on background processes. It can integrate with your browser to stop irritating popup ads. It has enhanced System Reinforce and huge spyware database for smooth and secure online experience.

One of its interesting features is that it allows you to use your webcam as face detection device to protect your personal data. Even it captures an image of intruder in the background who tries to hijack your PC.

So try this all in one tool to optimize your PC. Good news is that its Mac version is also available. Additionally, you can try other free utilities like free anti-malware offered by IObit.

PC Decrapifier and iolo system mechanics.

PC Decrapifier is another PC maintenance tool to remove unwanted software. It cleans PC as well as accelerates PC speed. Generally, creators used to put a lot of trials and trash in a new computer to earn extra money. It is a nice tool for new PC which is full of craplets and bloatware.  Do not forget to create a restore point using this tool before deleting files, it will help if you accidently delete important data.

iolo is another alternative to optimize your PC. It also decreases startup time, removes junk files and bloatware, cleans history and frees system resource to make your PC run smooth. Its trail version is sufficient and nice for individual use.

Use Tera Copy to speed up file transfer.

If you are still using windows default file copy tool, now it’s time to upgrade. TeraCopy provides maximum speed to copy files. You may have realized that it is too painful to copy files from CD. TeraCopy uses dynamically adjusted buffers to speed up copying process.

Its best feature is that if it encounters an error while copying, it skips corrupted file and continue instead of terminating the whole process. At the end, it will inform about corrupted files that are skipped. Like windows default tool it also allows to pause and resume process at any time while copying files.

It is a nice utility which can completely replace window explorer’s copy tool. It will definitely satisfy you to turbocharge windows PC. Believe me, once you installed and tried it, later you will never want to uninstall.

Scan using Antivirus and Anti-Malware.

Now in 2017, there is no need to tell the importance of antivirus. One of the major reason for the slow performance of PC are worms, malware, and viruses. These malicious programs run in the background without user’s permission and use a lot of disk space to make PC dull and slow.

Many times it is seen that people turn off automatic update feature of antivirus which is not good practice. You should regularly update your antivirus for latest virus definitions and databases. If you browse the internet rarely you can try best free antivirus for PC but if you regularly download a lot of stuff from the internet you must go with paid services.

Also, you should not install too many antivirus software at once because these tools consume a lot of system resource to scan your PC. Installing too many antivirus may slow down your PC instead of boosting speed.

Download Manager and file Archiver improves experience.

While downloading files from the internet you may have noticed that default downloader is not sufficient. Many times you have to restart a download from the beginning due to accidental crash of browser or unexpected network problem. Therefore it is recommended you to use download managers to boost download experience.

Download managers use their powerful download engine and unique segmentation technology to download files from the internet with faster speed. They provide pause and resume capability with lots of additional features. You can read about best download managers for PC.

File compression utilities reduce the size of a file in disk. You can keep those useful files in compressed format which you use rarely. It saves disk space as well as encrypt files. If you are in search of perfect file compression tool, you can read about best file compression tools here.

Default tools to turbocharge windows PC.

You can use windows default feature called Ready boost to use the memory of thumb drive as RAM. To use this feature simply plug-in thumb drive of a minimum capacity of 4GB. Then go to my computer and click on properties of a thumb drive. Now click on ReadyBoost tab and enable this feature. It will definitely help to improve PC speed.

Use windows built-in disk defragmenter utility and disk cleanup feature. To use this, go to properties of C drive and then tools tab. From there you can check the disk for errors and optimize it. Similarly, you can do it for other drives also.

Use window’s task manager to eliminate unnecessary and unresponsive programs running in the background. You can also select programs to run at startup. For this, click on startup tab in task manager and disable apps which are not much necessary and have higher startup impact. It will improve PC speed when you start it.

Regularly create a system restore point so that you can always rollback to that checkpoint when you notice that newly installed program is misbehaving or corrupted. Also, keep updating your OS to avoid slowdowns and crashes.


So these are some useful tools and tips which you can use to turbocharge windows PC. We had tried to focus on each and every aspect to improve PC speed. Hope it helps you to enable slow PC to work faster.

Do you know any other method to turbocharge windows PC? Do you find above tips useful? Are you going to try any tool, if yes which one? Let us know by your valuable comments.

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