How To Schedule Download On Android Using ADM

Schedule download on android smartphone

We all download tons of files daily from the internet. But sometimes you may like to schedule download at desired time. So that download begins automatically at scheduled time. This post will tell you how to schedule download on android smartphone using ADM (Android Download Manager).

In my opinion, scheduling download is a handy and time-saving process. Especially it becomes beneficial when you want to download files at night using cheap night data packs. You do not have to wake up and wait for any download to complete.

What is ADM?

Android Download Manager is a download manager which can turbocharge your download speed. It works like other download managers and provides advanced features compared to default download managers. Recently we shared a list of best download managers for PC. You can use those tools to schedule download in Windows or MAC PC. But here we are talking only about Android.

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How to schedule download on android device using ADM?

  • Firstly download and install the latest version of android download manager from playstore.


Then download anything from the browser. Android system will ask to choose default download manager. Choose ADM as default downloader of your smartphone. After that, the download will always automatically begin in ADM.

  • If you are facing any trouble in above step then no need to worry. You can manually initiate a download in ADM. Just copy download link from browser and tap plus icon in ADM then paste the link there. Name your file and start the download in ADM. For more clarification, you can see below screenshot.


  • Now your download is successfully started. Tap on downloading filename and pause it. Note that you must have to pause download to schedule it.
  • Once your download is paused, open menu and then navigate to settings.



  • In settings, select planning option which is the third option in the menu.



  • After that check Download files checkbox. Or just enable the first option. Then set start time and stop time of your download.

Clock setting


Remember that start and stop time clocks are 24-hours clock. So fix time according to that.

Congratulations! You had scheduled download. It will start and stop automatically according to schedule.

Important precautions to automate download.

  • If you are using any battery manager, you must allow ADM to run in the background. Same goes for data manager apps too.


  • Ensure that the internet is on before leaving your phone to download a file automatically. It is normal that files will not download without internet connectivity.
  • Don’t compromise in downloading your favorite pieces of stuff. Download unlimited for endless fun.

So you learned how to schedule download on android devices using ADM app. You can also read how to automatically download files that are not from playstore. Or you can read our special list of 101+ funny things to say to google assistant.

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