10 Amazing Sites To Download Royalty Free Images

Royalty free images

Images and photos are a major factor which determines the look of any blog. Images are the main attraction of any content, no matter its blog post, Twitter tweet or Facebook page status.  High-quality images make content more digestible and enhance its presentation. That’s why here we are presenting the ultimate list of sites to download royalty free images (simply non-copyrighted free stock images).

What are royalty free images?

Royalty free images are simply non-copyrighted public domain images. These free stock images are licensed under creative common license. Therefore, you can use or modify these images for your own website, blog or project.

Why should you use non-copyrighted images?

You know, it is not a good idea to shoot images for every new project. Even if you try, it will take some time to achieve accuracy in photography. Therefore, it is nice to try royalty free images for commercial use. Because these stock images are captured by creative and professional photographers.

Also, you will not face any copyright issue by using these stock images. You have to just download, use and enjoy.

How to find appropriate free stock images?

Well, it’s very easy to find appropriate photos for your topic. Just go to any site mentioned below in list and search related terms. Remember that never search long terms or uncommon keywords.

Suppose you are writing a post on waanacrypt ransomware. Now if you go to Pixabay and search for wannacry, you will return empty hand. On other hand if you search for a cry, you will find a lot of images. Then you can choose any attractive image and make it more approachable by minor editing.

For example, I searched for cry and choose a photo. I just used Microsoft paint to edit it and the result is in front of you.

How to find suitable royalty free image

Sometimes we need images like a screenshot of Linux OS or screenshot of warning message of wannacrypt. Now it is difficult to find such rare images. Here the power of Google comes in action. In the same post, I will tell you how to use google to find royalty free images for blogs. So let’s begin the countdown.

1. Pixabay

Pixabay is personally my favorite site to download non-copyrighted images. It offers attractive and high-quality colorful images. You can use these images for commercial purpose without giving credits. Pixabay has its official Android app too. You can register and upload your own images.

2. Pexels

At pexels, all images are free to use. Pexel categorizes images properly under tags. Every month they upload thousands of CCO licensed free stock photos.

3. Flickr

Flickr is the product of tech giant Yahoo and one of top royalty free image providers. It has huge database of photos, vectors and art illustrations. You must bookmark it if you want free stock images for commercial use.

4. Unsplah

Unsplah mainly focuses on quality rather than quantity. Crew team manages unsplah and provides high-quality stock free images. You can subscribe Unsplah to get an update of new images via email.

5. FreeRangeStock

FreeRangeStock is another site where you can download non-copyrighted photos. Before downloading, you can directly edit and modify according to your need.

6. Gratisography

Gratisography is an awesome destination for great photos. You can use anywhere for any purpose. Once you start scrolling, you will fall in love with this site.

7. StockSnap.io

Stocksnap.io is also a free stock images library by Snappa. You can easily browse and download from thousands of trending non-copyrighted images. Plus new and impressive images are uploaded every week.

8. LibreShot

Recently I learned about this superb album which provides well-categorized images with no copyright restriction. It is an awesome place to search and download quality images. So it’s just another heaven of free stock images.

9. Life of Pix

Life of Pix is created and managed by LEEORY company. They upload nice quality royalty free images every week. You must try it at least once for your projects.

10. Google images

How it is possible that the god of internet leaves behind in the game of providing services. Google images can also be used to find non-copyrighted creative common licensed (CCO) images. This especially proves useful if you are searching images like user interface, technical problems or anything else which is still not in the database of others. It is a nice option because Google scrolls hundreds of image databases for you.

But you cannot directly use images appearing in Google search. Here is a method to find royalty free images using google image search.

How to use Google Image Search to find Royalty free images?

It’s pretty simple to find CCO licensed images in google image search results. Go to google images and search for any desired keyword. Now look carefully below the search bar, you will notice a Tools button, click it. Then, click on usage rights drop down menu and select the appropriate option.

For example, you can select Labeled for reuse with modification for commercial use.

Help google images search

Best of all you can use matching image search feature of Google to find CCO licensed image of any matching pair image.

Bonus SEO tip for bloggers

If you are going to use royalty free images on your blog post, don’t forget to rename after downloading it. Rename image related to your topic. For example, you are using the image of a cat (cat003.jpeg) on a post related to laser light, so update the name of the image from cat003.jpeg to laser-attraction.jpeg.

Also, use ALT tags in images so that search engines can understand the significance of images used. You can also use keywords in alt tags but do not overdo it.

Final word

One thing I would like to request, if you are using free images please upvote or thumb up for contributors. Because contributors are common people like us. Your one comment or thumb up can give them a lot of happiness.

So this was a list of best sites to download non-copyrighted free stock images. Since the number of impressive sources increasing, the list is open and you can submit your own favorite one. So if we missed something, please ping us by comments or by a submission form.

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