How To Remove Mixed Content Error In WordPress After Activating HTTPS

Remove Mixed Content Error

As we know that adding SSL certificate in your blog is important these days. SSL secures privacy of users and visitors feel more comfortable. Instead, if you are storing user sensitive information in your site, you must use HTTPS:// or SSL. But main problem after successful SSL activation is mixed content error. Today we are going to tell you, how to remove mixed content error in WorPress after activating HTTPS.

If you want to know more about HTTPS or SSL certificates, please read how to get free SSL certificate for your blog. If you had already activated HTTPS on your blog and facing mixed content error, keep reading post.

What Is Mixed Content Error in WordPress?

Mixed content error occurs when you move from HTTP to HTTPS. Or migrate your blog from one server to other. In this condition, your site remains accessible under HTTPS but green secure lock does not appear. If you click on site detail you can see message that “ site is secured but some part may cause privacy issues”.

Why mixed content error occurs after adding SSL?

When you activate SSL on your blog, all links and URL get encrypted. But content inside post/page like javascripts and images contain old non-HTTPS URL. This causes intermixing of secure and non secure content and browser shows mixed content error. However this is not big threat for user’s safety but still it must be eliminated for good.

This error can be removed if somehow we can convert all non-SSL URLs to SSL versions. It can be achieved by some WordPress plugins discussed below.

After removing mixed content error, you may notice green lock in URL field of browser. So get ready to remove mixed content error by following some simple steps. We are going to show two methods to remove mixed content error in WordPress blog. You are free to choose your preferred one.

How To Remove Mixed Content Error In WordPress After Activating HTTPS

  • First of all install “Better Search Replace” WordPress plugin on your blog. After that take backup of WordPress database to be on safe side. You can use updraft plus WordPress plugin to take database backup.
  • Then activate it and navigate to Dashboards >> Tools >> Better Search Replace.

Better Search Replace Configuration

  • Now enter HTTP version of your blog URL in first field and HTTPS version in second field. Select all tables as shown in image and hit Run Search/Replace button. Wait for 10 seconds and done.

Really Simple SSL Plugin WordPress

After removing mixed content error, open your site in browser. It will look be something like this.

Remove Mixed Content Error Using Really Simple SSL Plugin

This is the easiest method to remove mixed content error in WordPress after activating SSL. This is plug and play method.

  • Go to plugins and install new plugin “Really Simple SSL” on your WordPress blog. Activate this plugin and it will do rest of job. Really Simple SSL plugin will automatically remove mixed content error from WordPress blog.

Major disadvantage of second method is that you have to keep installed this plugin for lifetime. After uninstalling really simple SSL plugin, error message will appear again. That’s why first method is recommended by InstaTrick team.

In this way you can remove mixed content error in a WordPress blog after activating SSL. If you find this tutorial useful, please upvote post and share with your friends.

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