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    How to Create Your Own WikiPedia Website?

    Create Your Own WikiPedia

    Have you ever wanted to launch a cool wiki website like WikiPedia? Well, in this tech era you can do it pretty easily. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create wiki website using DokuWiki. What is DocuWiki? When we create a blog we use WordPress CMS. Similarly, When we want to create […] More

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    5 Best Password Manager For Android, Windows And Mac

    Best Password Manager

    One of the major gifts of advancement in technology is dozens of long string called password. Earlier we have to remember one or two necessary passwords like for banking or Gmail. Nowadays we come across many sites or apps that require a password to log in. Practically it is not possible for anybody to remember all […] More

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    7 Quick Tips To Turbocharge Windows PC


    Turbocharge your windows PC

    We use our computer or laptop every day. If it is working nicely then fine but sluggish and slow PC can disappoint and badly affect your work. When the computer gets older, lot of trash, unused files, and settings get collected in its hard drive that’s why it get slower and slower. In such condition, […] More

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    How To Block Website Without Using Any Software in Windows

    Block website without using software

    The Internet is a vast and ultimate source of information but like faces of the coin, it has downsides as well. Sometimes you would like to block certain websites because of malicious content, tracking, cookies or lot of ads. Parents would like to block sites so that their child could not access harmful content. In […] More

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    Writing Programming Journal Helps To Become A Better Coder

    programming journal writing

    Becoming better programmer is not an easy task. Programming is not only tough for beginners. Even many professional programmers, who had spent many years in reckless coding, find it both challenging as well as adventurous. Since long, it is a matter of discussion that keeping programming journal is how much beneficial for programmers. Though I […] More

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    7 Best Free Antivirus Programs To Protect Your PC

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    Best Free Antivirus Programs To Protect Your PC

    Antivirus is probably first and best software you should install in your new personal computer. Antivirus is a must for better performance of your device and also for the protection of data from spyware. If you are going to download something from the internet or copy games from CD, you should remember that malware or […] More

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    8 Best Mobile Wallets Apps In India To Go Cashless

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    Best Mobile Wallets Apps In India To Go Cashless

    Mobile wallets are basically mobile-based e-wallets where we can store money for making transactions. You can use these best mobile wallets apps for the bill, gas payment or online shopping in famous sites like Bookmyshow, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon, Ola, Uber, Dominos and many more. Why use mobile wallets apps? In today’s busy schedule, nobody has […] More

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    Secret Guide To Bypass AppLock Apps in Android


    Full phone lock using password or PIN is the most secure option, but it is also very inconvenient. It requires entering a passphrase, PIN or pattern every time you unlock your Android phone. Some folks prefer to lock specific application instead of full phone lock. In that case, AppLocks are the most useful application. But now it is easy […] More

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    Smartphone Review : Gionee F103 Pro

    Recently, Gionee had launched Gionee F103 Pro which is official successor of Gionee F103. With a smart hardware look, nice user interface and smooth performance, it costs around 9,200 INR. It’s simple and handy feature makes it eligible for its price tag. But at the same time, Gionee had made some compromises in battery standby to bump 3 GB RAM and rear camera of 13 megapixels. […] More

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