You can buy budget android smartphone at same price (2/5)

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Do you think I am lying? I am sure you are thinking. But if you give me one minute, I can prove you wrong. Well, we all are aware that JioPhone is absolutely free with a refundable deposit of 1,500INR. In all this lighting promotion, you may have missed something. You have to recharge 150 INR per month in order to receive free data benefits. So in upcoming three years, you have to pay total 5400 INR excluding refundable deposit. If you choose a bigger plan, of course, the cost will increase.

Now you have to return JioPhone after three years to get back the refundable deposit. Means after three years, you will be empty hand. Also, JioPhone is a feature phone, in which you may have to compromise. On another hand, you can buy a budget android smartphone under 6,000 INR.

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