5 Essential Gadgets You’ll Need To Start A Travel YouTube Channel Today

5 Essential Gadgets You’ll Need To Start A Travel YouTube Channel Today

As exciting the prospect of traveling and blogging may feel like, it’s not always an easy endeavor. Travel Vlogging has become a great revenue generator for people who have a love for traveling and Vlogging simultaneously. With technological advancements of today, documenting your travels has become so much easier and with the right gadgets for it, well you are simply gold.

For beginners in the journey, this might seem like a hard task but believe us when we say it, it isn’t. In this post, we have combined a list of 5 essential gadgets that are a must-have for beginners looking to start their own travel channel.

1. Decent Microphone

Decent Microphone
Believe it or not, the first and foremost thing you need to start your own travel vlogging channel is a decent microphone. Not a phone or a tripod or selfie sticks. Get yourself a microphone first because if you have bad sound then you can only imagine the number of followers you will amass on your YouTube channel. There are many microphones to choose from while buying one for yourself.

• USB microphones are a great choice as they provide a decent quality of sound and can help cancel exterior noise.
• A shotgun microphone is great for use if you have a DSLR camera with you.
• A lavaliere microphone if you want to connect it to your camera’s microphone input.

2. Proper Lighting

Proper Lightning

Many vloggers forget the importance of good lighting. Many of the videos you encounter today have bad lighting that is just as indicative of saying, thumbs down. Most camera’s today are capable of recording high-quality videos. Investing some money in lighting equipment will help your camera’s recording quality and give it a more professional appeal. One can even get away recording with a cheap camera if they have a good lighting setup in their arsenal. If you are looking for more such beginner tips and travel tech, don’t forget to visit Savvy Expeditioner.

3. Quality Camera

Well, it goes without saying that you need a decent camera for your vlogging endeavor of course start a vlogging channel. Once you have got yourself all the above things, look for a camera that suits your needs, purpose, and budget. If you are looking to save up on money then you can use digital cameras, they are normally available under $100 and less. Nikon is a great option to go here.

4. Tripod For Stability

Tripod Camera
Unless you have a partner helping constantly with the camera then you might not need a tripod but if you are someone who is going solo and in need of some help then there is no better friend than a tripod. There are many options available on the market today like Amazon Basics, Manfrotto, Dpotoradp etc.

5. Sufficient Storage

Storage becomes a big issue for many Vloggers. If you are constantly recording and are on the move then your laptop alone might not suffice sometimes. Today there are a wide variety of options available in the form of compact hard drives and even SD cards that are more than capable of storing all your stuff.

So here are the 5 basic essentials for all vloggers wishing to start their own travel channel today. Good luck.

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