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  • Why I Cancelled My Plan To Purchase Jio Phone

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    Forget Jio Phone

    It’s natural for us to feel curious about Jio phone. Yes, that cheapest ever 4G phone. Its price is really too tempting. But before you register for a JioPhone, I want to share some reasons because of which I canceled my plan to purchase Jio phone. The aim of this post is not to demotivate […] More

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  • Smartphone Review : Gionee F103 Pro

    Recently, Gionee had launched Gionee F103 Pro which is official successor of Gionee F103. With a smart hardware look, nice user interface and smooth performance, it costs around 9,200 INR. It’s simple and handy feature makes it eligible for its price tag. But at the same time, Gionee had made some compromises in battery standby to bump 3 GB RAM and rear camera of 13 megapixels. […] More

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