5 Best Password Manager For Android, Windows And Mac

Best Password Manager

One of the major gifts of advancement in technology is dozens of long string called password. Earlier we have to remember one or two necessary passwords like for banking or Gmail. Nowadays we come across many sites or apps that require a password to log in. Practically it is not possible for anybody to remember all these passwords. Therefore either we use same or easy to guess passwords for all online activities. This makes our privacy more vulnerable. If you are suffering from the same problem, it’s time to try some best password manager.

These best password manager tools allow managing as many as username and passwordcombinations. You have to remember only master password to access all login keys. Password managers can identify the strength of a password and help you to avoid repetition of passwords. You can use password manager software to generate random passwords which are difficult to guess. Here you will read a well-researched list of best password manager software.

LastPass (best password manager)

LastPass is one of the best password managers available on windows, android, Mac and iOS platform. This user-friendly tool is available in both free and paid version.

You can store unlimited passwords in safe vault encrypted by master password. You can use its browser extension to access all data which is stored in a safe cloud. Alternatively, you can download the native desktop app to access data offline. You can generate and save random passwords to auto-fill forms. You can use its Automatic password change feature to change any password in both LastPass and site.

Good news is that LastPass now supports sync across multiple devices and two-factor authentications in free version also. You can organize and share passwords in folders with customizable permissions.

You can subscribe paid version at $1/month. Premium version provides additional features like Desktop fingerprint identification, encrypted file storage up to 1GB and priority tech support.

So LastPass password manager is the first choice of most of the people. If you are new in the world of best password manager, you can go with LastPass without any problem. If you are in search of another alternative, keep reading to find your perfect password manager.

Dashlane (good but expensive)

Dashlane is a nice cross-platform password manager. It offers both free and paid version.

You can use the free version to generate a strong password, auto-login sites and autofill credit card details. It offers well-designed user interface and protects data using AES-256 encryption technology. It also have automatic password changing feature and supports encrypted password sharing. Dashlane allows keeping secret notes like software keys and Wi-Fi information for future reference.

Its purchase tracking and digital wallet feature allow tracking of all online transactions. When you purchase anything online, Dashlane automatically detects and stores a receipt for safety.

Dashlane’s premium version will cost you around $39.99/year. Premium version offers sync across multiple devices, two-factor authentication, secure account backup and dedicated tech support.

Premium version of Dashlane is much expensive as compared to LastPass(about $12/year). Also, the syncing feature is not available in free version. Except this Dashlane is a true competitor of LastPass and another alternative to go with. I recommend trying both decent password manager and settling with which you prefer.

KeyPass (very secure but offline only)

KeyPass is extremely popular open source password manager officially available for windows. Its full version is totally free. Since it is open source, you can even check its source code. All passwords credentials are securely encrypted by AES and Twofish algorithms. You have to remember only master password and KeyPass will handle rest.

Actually, it stores passwords locally on your machine (laptop or PC). Since passwords are not synced in a cloud you can access your passwords offline only in the device having password database. Happily, KeyPass password database can be easily transferred from one computer to another computer in many file formats. If we think in another way its offline feature makes it more secure.

Keypass lacks dedicated support like above ones but have a support forum. Because it is open source, many unofficial plugins are available which may not be safe. But still, the official version of KeyPass is most secure and true rival of paid best password manager.

1Password (flexible and user-friendly)

1Password is another secure password manager available on Windows, android, Mac and iOS platforms. Unlike above password managers, the free version of 1Password is not available. Its trial version is available for 30 days, after that, you have to pay for it. It costs $2.99/month for individual use and $4.99/month for a family of up to five people.

1Password comes with a convenient user interface, strong password generator, browser integration to autofill forms in one click. It also offers security alerts and digital wallet for bank transactions. It supports separate vaults for different types of passwords. 1Password provides flexibility to keep password database offline for local use. Alternatively, you can upload password vault to any secure cloud storage service like Dropbox for anywhere anytime access.

It offers one-time payment for app and extension of all platforms including free updates. It provides nice documentation and customer support. So 1Password is best password manager for you, provided that you have some bucks to spend for your privacy security.

Google’s smart lock (best for chrome and android).

Google smart lock is a chrome based cross-platform password manager. Actually, it is not a dedicated password manager but it can be used to sync passwords absolutely free. Here your master key is your Gmail id and password. No browser extensions, no plugins, no native desktop app. You can directly access your password database in setting tab of chrome browser or at this google passwords webpage.

By default syncing feature is off in Google chrome. You can turn it on using chrome browser in your android or desktop. To enable password sync, go to chrome’s settings >> Advanced sync settings, then set chrome to sync passwords. Similarly, you can enable to autofill forms from setting tab.

You cannot use google smart lock to store credit card details or secure notes. But still, Google smart lock is a simple and easy way to get rid of painful passwords. It’s best suited for android users with chrome.


Using these best password manager makes you less vulnerable to privacy issues. It helps you to reduce digital stress and live tension free life. Never compromise when it is a matter of your privacy and share this post so that others may not have to compromise.

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