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Antivirus is probably first and best software you should install in your new personal computer. Antivirus is a must for better performance of your device and also for the protection of data from spyware. If you are going to download something from the internet or copy games from CD, you should remember that malware or virus may be hidden even in the safest file. That’s why here we are mentioning some best free antivirus for PC.

You can try free antivirus for PC or buy paid one. Researchers had proved that even free antivirus has the same capability to fully scan your PC and eliminate harmful malware as that of paid one. At the same time paid antivirus to have some edge over free one because premium antivirus provides some extra features like website blocking, firewall, child safety, customer support and better real-time protection.

If you want simple protection from virus and do not want to purchase paid antivirus for PC, you should go with trusted free antivirus. Although there are lots of free antiviruses available across the internet you should use expert recommended and well-performance tool.

Except all these, there is a built-in and completely free shield in Microsoft windows called Windows Defender. Microsoft had taken a lot of care to make its latest operating system secure by increasing the capacity of windows defender in window 10. It warns when malicious apps try to install in your system. However, its protection is not too strong but still trustable if updated regularly.

Windows 7 and vista users can try Microsoft Security Essentials as an alternative of windows defender. Additionally, Microsoft offers a free tool called Malicious Software Removal tool which can be used to detect malicious files and eliminate them. You can use Microsoft malicious software removal tool 2017 as an alternative of Malwarebytes antimalware.


So here ends our list of best free antivirus for PC, hope you enjoyed it. Although free antivirus offers a lot of features but still more perfection is required. It is your right to protect your data and privacy against harmful threats. Therefore, you should always use trusted and recommended antivirus whether free or paid one.

#1 Avast

Avast antivirus is one of the best antiviruses for PC since 28 years with 400 million users worldwide. It offers both free and premium services but for basic protection Avast free antivirus is sufficient.

It features nice user interface and sophisticated configuration options with some useful features like malware blocking and anti-phishing. Avast can easily detect activities of malware or virus and provides real-time protection to defend you from active threats. Its free version can scan for virus, outdated software, performance issues, malicious browser add-ons, router security and block malicious URL.

Avast provides avast add-on for the browser to protect from corrupted sites. Alternatively, you can also use Avast safe-zone browser. There is free password manager also to determine the strength of the password and keep track on password used or stored by you in your browser.

Avast regularly release virus definitions and updates for free version also. It gives good performance with the lowest impact on your PC’s performance and it is difficult for malware to force shutdown avast. Avast offers special bank mode in free version also to keep your transactions safe.

Avast free antivirus is limited freeware with some restricted features. You can upgrade anytime to enjoy its full functionality.

So you can try this free utility to protect your PC. Good news is that you can also try premium version absolutely free for 30 days.


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#2 Avira

Avira is another award winning, fast and effective free antivirus. It runs smoothly without affecting PC’s performance and protects it from widespread threats like malware, virus, trojans, worms and spyware. Avira does not force its users to install their browser and add-on, whereas if they want they can install.

Avira’s user interface is clean, simple and add-free with the high degree of customization. Avira allows deep file scan, quick updates, and less false positive results. Avira helps to protect user’s privacy online by making browsing secure, private, fast, and anonymous. You can also use its real-time cloud-scanning feature which makes it more useful. Avira provides enhanced protection against ransom-ware.

You can go with this free antivirus to enhance your computer’s performance and protect your privacy.


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#3 Bitdefender

BitDefender free antivirus is a strong and high-performance tool to protect PC and eliminate harmful content. The best feature of this free antivirus it that it is the silent warrior means it will take care of all threats without bothering you about lots of options and settings.

Its graphical user interface is simplest and ad-free. BitDefender provides real-time protection to stop worm infection and uses a combination of Cloud scanning and behavioral analysis to detect new or unknown threats. It has built-in intrusion detection system to block malicious apps who tries to download harmful material like rootkit in your PC. It scans and blocks harmful websites to avoid phishing.

BitDefender provides additional tools like Free Online Virus Scanner and Free Virus Removal Tools. So you can also try this free, silent and effective antivirus for windows PC.


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#4 MalwareBytes

MalwareBytes is a next generation malware elimination tool to find dangerous malware and completely remove them from your PC. Actually, Malware anti-malware is a not anti-virus but can be used as complement with another antivirus.

This anti-malware and anti-spyware can easily and instantly remove the rootkit, worms, Trojans, rogues, spyware, and bots etc by using its deep drill technology. Its chameleon technology protects it from malware against force disabling it. It scans faster by scanning only active threats without affecting the performance of your computer. Sometimes Malware antimalware can detect those threats which remain undetected by its competitors.

You can use the free version of this utility or can try premium version absolutely free for 14 days. So combine it with your favorite free antivirus to provide the extra layer of protection to your PC.


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#5 Comodo

If we are talking about best free antivirus, we cannot forget Comodo free antivirus for window 8 and 10.

Comodo has comprehensive features like a behavioral blocker, firewall, and sandbox for protection against virus, spyware, malware and rootkit. It uses HIPS technology to prevent malicious infection in the earlier stage. Comodo blocks all apps that are not in its whitelist. It provides complete security from online threats by blocking harmful content.

With reliable clouds scan feature it provides real-time defense against new threats. Instead of all these features, it is a little bit difficult for newbies to use its advanced features. In default installation comodo offers browser, toolbar etc, but you can remove it by choosing custom installation. It may be helpful if you want some free protection.


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#6 360 Total Security

360 Total Security is lightweight and efficient free antivirus which uses 5 different scan engines for better results. It is simple to use with pleasing and ad-free user interface.

360 security has a fast scanner with high detection rates. It protects webcam and blocks ransomware and keyloggers. This tool automatically scans downloaded files and blocks malicious sites with online shopping protection. It cleans junk space, blocks malicious apps along with flash drive, sandbox and registry protection.

So it is another nice and regularly updated tool you can try for free having nice customer support.


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#7 Panda

Our last entrant in best free antivirus for PC list is Panda free antivirus. Panda is cloud-based free antivirus for all versions of Microsoft windows. It has nice tiled GUI which is easy to use and customizable. It provides maximum protection against latest threats using its behavioral analysis technology.

Do not forget to disallow allow panda to hijack your browser’s home page while installation. Also, it shows ads and gets a week if internet connection it not available.So it is just another free antivirus utility you can go with.


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