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We all use the internet every day and download lot of files using default browsers. But they usually fail when it comes to management and advanced features. I am sure everybody would like to get more flexibility in downloading files. Well, you can use download managers to improve your experience.

Download managers are more beneficial than default browser’s downloader in many ways. Download managers provide resume capability with comparatively faster speed, automatically organize files according to their types, can be integrated with browsers, and much more features like media grabber and batch file download. These add-ons may prove very useful when we use the slow net connection or unreliable Wi-Fi.

To use download managers, simply you have to download software or app and install it on your device. Now it will integrate with your default browser and automatically grab files to download. You can also manually drag and drop files to download in GUI (Graphical User Interface) of download manager.

Here we are presenting a list of five best paid and free download managers in 2016-17. These best download managers will take your downloading experience to a new level. You can choose free or paid software according to your need. We hope this post helped you to decide which is better for you.

#1 Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager popularly known as IDM is the best download manager by Tonec Inc. IDM is multilingual and automatically integrates with all browsers. It offers a customizable interface with several different skins, even users can create or design their own skins.

It is a shareware in which you have to pay after 30 days if you want to use it continue. You can buy its cheap subscription pack for one year or for a whole lifetime at its official website.It can boost download speed 5 times by using its smart dynamic file segmentation technology. Unlike another download accelerator, IDM segments downloaded files dynamically during download process and reuse available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve best acceleration performance.

IDM organizes downloaded files in pre-defined folders and restarts broken download due to unexpected network problems. It also helps you to pause and resume downloads. It allows you to limit Megabytes per hour usage which is very beneficial especially if you are using fair usage policy.

IDM have a powerful built-in scheduler which allows it connect to the internet at a set time as well as automatically disconnects and shut down PC after a successful download of the file. It can download videos from the browser using video and audio grabber tool.

Automatic antivirus checking feature provides extra safety from malware's. IDM can automatically scan files using your default antivirus. You can use quick update feature to get new features. It supports many proxy servers and many types of the protocol including Microsoft ISA, and FTP proxy servers.

You can go with Internet Downloader Manager if you want to enjoy high speed downloading with excellent pause, resume and restart capability at very low cost.

Download Internet Download Manager

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#2 Free Download Manager

Free download manager or FDM is a free, open source download manager for windows and MAC OS X available in 11 different languages. It provides a user-friendly interface with modern design and compactable with all famous browser including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera mini, Safari, and torch.

It allows users to manage traffic usage or priorities, easily organize downloads by type in pre-defined folders , resume broken download due to slow connection or system failure and efficiently download extremely large files.

Free Download Manager can boost your all downloads up to 10 times by splitting files into several sections and downloads them simultaneously. It also allows you to download the same file from different mirror links at the same time and helps you to download only necessary part of zip file.

It has two features site explorer and HTML spider, which lets you view the folders structure of a website and download a web page or whole website. It has built in media player which gives a preview of audio or video files before download is completed and convert file format after download. It provides nice spyware and adware protection by active community reviews. You can also submit your own opinion about the downloaded file, which helps FDM to warn other users against malicious files.

It supports proxy along with HTTP/HTTPS/FTP protocols and provides fast, secure, safe and high speed downloading. It's portable and lite versions are also available with some optional plugins.

It is one of the best competitors of paid tools, but itself free. So FDM is fast, safe, secure, GNU Public Licensed and useful download manager which may provide you excellent downloading experience free of cost.

Download Free Download Manager

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#3 Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus or DAP is also a trusted download manager available in both paid and free versions. It is available in Microsoft windows in 48 different languages having more than 300 million users.

This tool uses dynamic download engines and advanced patented technology to download files in fastest speed possible and helps you to check your content as soon as the download starts. It provides resume and pause capability while downloading files. It automatically searches and switches to fastest mirror download available.

You can browse the internet directly within DAP and take advantage of fileratings.com to view reputation of a file. It provides the excellent feature called Multi Antivirus Security even in the free version, which enables you to know the opinion of leading security programs about the file you are going to download.

It also allows you to watch your audio or video files while downloading. It reduces buffering time so that you can view high definition videos smoothly. It offers a built-in tool to convert video files into MP3 music files while downloading from sites like YouTube. Additionally, it will add MP3 file to your iTunes library, so that you can listen it later.

DAP’s unique link checker allows you to identify broken download links, which saves your time. DAP link checker will inform you that file is online, remove, or expired before starting a download.  It provides other useful features like site structure preservation, password manager, site manager (History) and single and multiple-file download management.

If you want more features you can upgrade later to premium version with 30 days money back guarantee. In paid version you will get very useful features like trace cleaner to remove download traces from your computer, zip preview to view the content of compressed files in the internet, file shredder to completely destroy any file and extreme acceleration download.

So if you want to enjoy high-speed download with some extra features and security, free version of DAP is best for you.

Download Download Accelerator Plus

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#4 FlashGet Download Manager

FlashGet is another light weight and free download manager with lots professional features. FlashGet is a freeware but does not contain adware or spyware. It provides excellent user interface with lots of skins.

It uses technologies like MHT(Multi-server Hyper-threading Transportation) technique and file splitting technique to make the download faster and stable. It can pause and resume with capabilities to work using lowest system resources or minimum memory usage.

Its powerful management features unlimited category to properly manage your files after downloading from the internet. FlashGet can use your antivirus to scan downloaded files for spyware and malware. It supports proxy and major protocols like HTTP,FTP,BT,MMS,RTSP.

FlashGet is for you if you want a download manager which is Safe, High-speed, Multi-protocol support with proper management, of course at free of cost.

Download FlashGet Download Manager

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#5 Miphony

Mipony is also a free download manager specially designed to optimize and automate downloads. Miphony is a new simple, safe and high speed automated downloader for more than 21 file-hosting services. It supports free and premium account options for major services like PUTLOCKER, Zippyshare, Uploaded, RAPIDGATOR, Mediafire, Yandex etc.

Miphony helps to avoid host sites inconveniences. It has an embedded browser from where the download links are detected, which help to access web and download files automatically. It performs all necessary attempts until file get downloaded.

Miphony can be adjusted to download specified number of files from each server. You have to just copy and paste the URL of file in internet. Miphony is capable of restarting download even if software is accidently closed. To restart download just reopen the app.

Miphony can also be controlled remotely from android devices using a special app. It can also be directly controlled remotely from the web. The web interface design is adapted for both desktops and mobile clients.

It may be useful for you if you want to download your favorite files from the internet automatically without risk of losing it between download.

Download Miphony

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