6 Proven Techniques To Avoid Digital Stress For A Happy Life


No doubt, technology had completely changed our life. It had made our life easier and much more comfortable. But it had also gifted a different type of stress called digital stress. Nowadays, we are buried under tons of emails, chat apps, games, forums and sites. There are lots of interesting stuff in cyber land to gain our attention.  This decreases our concentration and productivity. As a result, our real life gets adversely affected and digital stress occurs. This post is about some simple tricks to avoid digital stress for a happy life.

Do you stick with your smartphone all the time and feel uneasy without it? Do you forget important passwords and often reset them?  Is your virtual self is taking place of real one? Do you always think about stats of social sites? Do you think about internet or games while working or study? If yes, then chances are high that you may face digital stress. So without wasting time, let us take a look at tips to avoid digital stress.

1. Use a password manager to remember passwords.

Use best password managers

Some years back I use only one Gmail account. So I made a strong password and easily remembered it after using twice or thrice. And best of all it worked for years without any security issue. But now I have three Gmail accounts, domain and hosting account, bank account, and countless accounts on many forums/sites. And I believe this is not only my condition. We all need bundles of password for almost all online activities.

Now problem is that it is very difficult to remember all these passwords. Also, you know it is how much annoying to reset passwords. Here best password managers come into action to reduce your brain CPU cycles. You can teach all passwords to software and access them using a master password.  You can access your password anytime on any device using software like 1password or LastPass.


2. Fix time to check emails and social updates.

Avoid social sites and emails

Nowadays every person is affected by social media. Social sites are now proving a headache for many people. Social sites are never offline hence never lets you offline. Continuously texting not only damages your eyesight but badly affects your way of conversation.

It is not good practice to check social updates in every 10 minutes. So decide a fixed time to visit social sites. Turn off all automatic notifications and try to check updates not more than three times a day. If you had joined any WhatsApp group, you must mute it because people may disturb you anytime.

Clear your inbox and spam box regularly. Avoid using your personal email in surveys and other online activities. Unsubscribe from all unnecessary services because they only waste your time.

Keep your smartphone away while you are working in office or busy in study. It is impossible to concentrate on two tasks at a time. If you do not want to become smartphone zombie, avoid multi-tasking. Using smartphone in between work may seriously affect your productivity or grades in the result.


3. Be selective and be careful with social media.

Be selective be careful

Be selective while choosing your contacts. It is not necessary to accept each and every friend request because annoying people can spoil your mood. If you do not want to continuously available to your co-workers, you can make separate profiles for communicating with colleagues. Overall make a proper schedule to check emails, social sites and other apps to avoid digital stress.

Be careful while sharing your personal information in sites like facebook, twitter or Instagram. Especially while sharing photos/selfies because negative comments may cause digital stress. Anybody can misuse your sensitive data, hence avoid sharing such details.

The Major reason behind digital stress in teenagers is negative interaction in social sites, forums, chats and emails. Therefore parents should avoid giving a smartphone to their children in small age. And if necessary, guardians must discuss consequences of mishandling social media with their children.


4. Choose right media content which is suitable for you.

Choose right media content for you

Sitting whole day in front of the glowing screen of television/monitor is not a wise decision. If you are still on old school style to watch whatever interests you. Now it’s time to change your practice.

You should remember that every television show and app is designed to encourage you to check out them. That’s why you should wisely choose what and when to watch. For example, you can choose what you would prefer between Netflix, YouTube, television or video games. It helps to avoid digital stress as well as contributes to physical health.


5. Backup your data in cloud storage to avoid digital stress.

Best file syncing services

Properly manage your images, videos, songs and other important files. You can take backups of such files in CD or thumb drive. Although this method is safe but you may lose your data accidently. Furthermore, you can’t access your files from everywhere. Cloud storage services provide one stop solution to all backup problems.

You can sync your files with any cloud storage service to access from anywhere on any device. Files are safe and secure in the cloud by best encryption technologies. If you are using file syncing services first time, I would recommend going with Dropbox or OneDrive.  Alternatively, you read my review on best cloud storage services to choose your preferred one.


6. Take a Digital detox to refresh your mind.

Digital detox

We all spent most of our time on the internet, playing video games or watching television. We are more interested in what is happening online rather than what is happening at home. It separates us from the real world by eliminating social interactions. Physiologists agree that digital connectivity can never replace physical connections.

To avoid digital stress, consider spending a week (or even a day is sufficient) away from technology. Take a digital detox and let your brain relax. Get out of the digital world and spend some quality time with your friends and family members. Carry out face to face discussion instead of texting. Go for a picnic at any peaceful place instead of a movie theater. Try yoga and meditation instead of playing video games. Give time to your creativity by spending an afternoon in painting, read stories or try gardening.  You will surely realize the importance of real world.



Use technology for your benefits not let technology use you. If your brain is switched on all time, you can never relax. Hence try these simple tricks to avoid digital stress and live a happy life.

Have you tried a digital detox and how much it helped you? How you manage your time in social media? What are your methods to avoid digital stress? Don’t forget to share with us in the comment.

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