Auto-Update Android Apps That Aren’t From Google Play

APKUpdater app

For most users, the Google Play Store is a one touch solution to download new apps and keep them updated. Play Store has everything from the latest games, productivity-boosting apps or advanced video editors.

But sometimes the app you want is not available on Google Play Store. Thankfully Android system allows you to directly install APK file without going through Google Play. But there is a small problem, in this case, you can not update your app to the latest version automatically. So here is the trick to auto-update android apps that aren’t from google play.

Note: You should always download and install safe, trusted and approved apps in your Smartphone. Read our post 5 Common Security Tips Every Smartphone User Must Know to know why.

APKUpdater will solve that problem. The free app APKUpdater from XDA user rumboalla provides a unique way to check for updates for any app, not just those from the Play Store.

Features of APKUpdater :-

  • APKUpdater scans your installed apps and then checks for app updates on multiple sources of updates sites like APKMirror, and lets you schedule update so you don’t forget to.
  • It supports every version of from 2.3 Gingerbread to latest android version.
  • APKUpdater provides notifications when it finds an update for any app.
  • If you want to ignore updates for some apps, you can just add them to a whitelist.

Using this app, you can effectively manage your apps without ever touching Google Play. Combined with a custom ROM, you can free your Android device from Google completely. It’s also great for rooted users who keep a lot of apps installed from outside the Play Store. Give it a try if you fit any of these profiles!

How to auto-update android apps which aren’t from google play?

  1. Firstly, go to APKupdater homepage and download the latest version of APKupdater.
  2. Then install it on your android device.
  3. Finally, open the app and start using APKupdater to auto-update android apps which aren’t from google play.

Do you install lots of apps outside of Google Play? Let us know if this tool is useful for you down in the comments!

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