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Microsoft Azure giveaway ( $300 free azure credit for 12 months)

Microsoft Azure Giveaway
Microsoft Azure or Windows azure is a public cloud computing platform like Google cloud or AWS. It is one of the best cloud providers to deploy apps and virtual machines. And the good news is that it's time for Microsoft Azure giveaway. Here I am going to show you How to get $300 free Azure credit for 12 months...

Auto-Update Android Apps That Aren’t From Google Play

APKUpdater auto-update android apps
For most users, the Google Play Store is a one touch solution to download new apps and keep them updated. Play Store has everything from the latest games, productivity-boosting apps or advanced video editors. But sometimes the app you want is not available on Google Play Store. Thankfully Android system allows you to directly install APK file without going through Google...

How to get trusted free SSL certificate for your website?

get trusted free ssl certificate
As you may know, google is now considering SSL as a noticeable ranking signal. In simple words, if your website is loading on https:// you will receive a small boost in search engine rankings. There are lots of pros and cons of SSL enabled websites. In this article, we will know more about SSL and discuss few pros and cons of SSL enabled...

How to get free Payoneer MasterCard with $25 signup credit

free Payoneer MasterCard
Payoneer is a global financial service which offers online transactions and payment facilities. If you are a blogger or freelancer, Payoneer is one of the best services to receive payments overseas. Payoneer offers some unique features like free Payoneer MasterCard with $25 new account bonus. I know that PayPal is considered as best option for faster payments. But what about...

Moz SEO tools free trial trick (unlimited secret)

Moz SEO tools free trial
Moz SEO tools are one of best search engine optimization kit for bloggers. Since Moz tools are little bit costly for beginners, everybody could not afford them.  Even Moz offers a free version of SEO kit but it becomes insufficient sometimes. That’s why we are going to post a trick on how to get unlimited free trial of Moz...

101+ Funny Google assistant tricks you must try

Google Assistant
Google had recently launched its personalized virtual google assistant. It is a very useful and entertaining app for android and iOS platforms. I know you had already said many things to google assistant. But I am sure you may not have tried some of these. In this post, we are going to share 101+ funny things to ask google...

Legally generate fake credit card with cash for unlimited free trials

Generate Fake Credit Card
You may have faced credit card barrier many times. Nowadays, almost all offers and trials need a credit card or debit card. It limits the number of fake participants and makes giveaway/contest less expensive for the organizer. In this post, we are going to tell you a secret trick to generate fake credit card with cash. Please note that...

Google cloud platform free $300 credit for 12 months

Google Cloud Platform
Google cloud platform is a cloud computing service offered by the god of internet : Google since 2008. Google cloud computing is the basic infrastructure of services like YouTube, Google Drive and Blogger. Now google is offering 12 months free trial of google cloud server. You can use it to host a simple blog or build a complex application....

6 Proven techniques to avoid digital stress for a happy life

avoid digital stress
No doubt, technology had completely changed our life. It had made our life easier and much more comfortable. But it had also gifted a different type of stress called digital stress. Nowadays, we are buried under tons of emails, chat apps, games, forums and sites. There are lots of interesting stuff in cyber land to gain our attention.  This...

Amazon aws free tier to go with cloud computing

amazon AWS Free Tier
Amazon web services (AWS) is a subsidiary of tech river Amazon. It provides an efficient and quick cloud computing platform since 2006. It offers on-demand delivery of computer power and database storage. Amazon AWS free tier enables you to gain all services free for 12 months. AWS is secure platform and the best alternative to google cloud platform. You can use...

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